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Online Master's in

Family Sciences


Research and dissemination

Teaching, Academic, Training or Guidance Coordination, School Management.


Training and Development in Values, Family Orientation, Business Consulting

Clinics and hospitals

Department of Bioethics, Care for the family of the patient and the patient, Family Orientation, Training for the medical team.

Family Support Centers

Governmental, Private, Religious


Radio, Television, Press, Internet

Prevention and investigation

Design, application and coordination of courses, conferences, diploma courses, master's degrees, etc. Creation of materials, field research, etc.


First Quarter

  • Fundamental questions of philosophy.
  • Introduction to pedagogy.

Second Quarter

  • Philosophical and Theological Anthropology.
  • Evolutionary Psychology.

Third Quarter

  • Sexuality and Human Reproduction.
  • Ethics and Moral Theology.

Fourth Quarter

  • Family Law.
  • Sexual Anthropology.

Fifth Quarter

  • Couple and Family Psychology.
  • Sacrament of Marriage.

Sixth Quarter

  • Bioethics I.
  • Marriage Spirituality.

Seventh Quarter

  • Bioethics II.
  • Investigation methodology.

Eighth Quarter

  • Interview and advice.
  • Family Consulting.

Ninth Quarter

  • Case studies on Marriage and Family.
  • Thesis seminar.